My Condemnation of Those Condemning Trump’s Condemnation

What did everyone expect?

Photograph: Patrick Semansky/AP

Golf trumps the President’s Word

Among President Trump's many promises, he did not promise to golf. In fact, he vowed to do the opposite. But that's not stopping him from spending time on the greens.

What does Lady Liberty stand for?

This week at a briefing, CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta stated to Senior White House aide Stephen Miller that the new GOP immigration plan did not seem like it was in accordance with American tradition. Then, Acosta mentioned the poem found on the Statue of Liberty called 'The New Colossus'. Miller responded, "The poem … Continue reading What does Lady Liberty stand for?

Lies First, Truth Next

This is pretty explanatory. Donald Trump Jr. is in some hot water as of late because of his contact with a Russian lawyer. He changed his story multiple time about why he met. The current one he is sticking with is that the lawyer was going to give him dirt on Hillary Clinton. This is … Continue reading Lies First, Truth Next