Should Presidents Visit Disaster Areas?


President Trump should have used some common sense and stayed away from Hurricane Harvey’s impact area until things settled down. It was inconsiderate and dangerous for Trump to visit Texas before the disaster peaked for three reasons.

  • Trump’s security requires a ton of manpower and maintenance that was taken away from the disaster area’s victims that require so much assistance. The Houston Police Department claimed to have rescued at least 3,500 people, therefore it was careless for Trump to take resources away from those efforts.
  • Second, President Trump was not able to do much on the ground except tie his boots, roll up his sleeves, stand by debris, and smile at the cameras while mumbling something about unity.
  • Lastly, it is unfair for the president to steal the spotlight from a community that needs the support and attention of all Americans. For example, during his last visit, we saw headlines about Melania’s heels and Trump’s crowd size comments instead of other important stories. It was selfish for him to use this disaster as a photo op for political gains. The best way he can win politically is by responding with ample relief funds and using his administration to communicate the aid efforts.

Moreover, President Trump should have waited to visit the area until cleanup began to show his support. Donald Trump or any other president should not visit a disaster area until the tragic event is over.


4 thoughts on “Should Presidents Visit Disaster Areas?

  1. Hum…this is a tragedy which by definition is suffering and distress of great impact.

    The timing of a Presidential visit seems to be granular in its importance other than the President must make a visit.

    – bman

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    1. I was reflecting on presidential visits in general, while using Trump’s visit as an example. The media is always critical of presidents during times of crisis (Bush during Katrina, Obama during Sandy). It was interesting that Trump went while the storm was still impacting that region.


  2. Sadly it is a show designed to boost a President to his supporters. IF there was a tangible result it might be different, but the truth is the president can get all the same information including visuals while sitting in the white house doing the job. The President can even show empathy from a distance as we have cameras and other devices on them almost 24/7. So it is a game. A chance to get some video clips to use in the next sessions campaign advertisements. Hugs

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