Joe Arpaio Sucks. And Trump Can Do What He Wants.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a repulsive man who built his fame on intolerance and the mistreatment of prisoners.

Arpaio was the elected sheriff in Maricopa County Arizona (Phoenix) from 1993-2016. He is known for his “tent city“, extreme prison policies meant to embarrass inmates, and his harsh anti-immigration beliefs.

In July, Arpaio was convicted of violating a federal court order that mandated he stop targeting undocumented immigrants based on their appearance. In short, he was accused and convicted of racially profiling Hispanic people.

President Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio last Friday. This decision was met with an outpouring of criticism.

  • Yes, the timing to announce this before Hurricane Harvey was weird.
  • Yes, issuing a pardon this early in a presidential administration is not typical.
  • Yes, Arpaio is a malicious and small-minded human.
  • Yes, this calls into question Trump’s future intentions around law enforcement and the judiciary.

However, Trump has the legal right to pardon whoever he wishes as guaranteed by Article II of the Constitution (an executive branch check on the judicial branch that may be too powerful). There have been plenty of bad pardons by past presidents. This action does not call for Trump’s impeachment any more than his previous actions (think Russia, Comey, etc.).

Quit acting surprised when Trump does non-traditional, abnormal, or insensitive things. This has been Trump’s operating procedure since he announced his candidacy.


5 thoughts on “Joe Arpaio Sucks. And Trump Can Do What He Wants.

    1. So many things in our Constitution are vague. That is why it is a living document that deserves to be reevaluated and reinterpreted from time to time. There is an argument to be made for obstruction of justice in some cases, however, the pardon power is broad and has few limitations.

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  1. Sheriff Arpaio was being persecuted by the Obama Administration shortly after his final analysis of the President’s birth certificate. (Arpaio’s experts proved it to be a fake.) Q. Name any President who didn’t show his birth cert. until THREE YEARS after being elected. BHO’s b.c. is computer-generated. Where’s the original?


  2. Obama was singled out because his father was Kenyan. (Natural born vs. native born citizen.) Obama’s birth certificate is not an original paper document – it’s computer generated, meaning anyone with a computer could produce a fake. Obama’s relatives have stated he is Muslim, his grandmother saying he was born in Kenya. He lived in Indonesia for some time as a child and if adopted (as Barry Soetoro), he would be Indonesian. Question: why has he had so many of his records sealed by his lawyers? What is he hiding? Most likely Obama’s citizenship status slipped through the cracks, to his benefit. The PC crowd, the Dems would not allow a serious investigation into who he really is.


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